Sunday, November 14, 2010

The longest retirement

I am so sorry for upsetting my dear readers for " abandoning" this blog for like... ehem... 2 years..
ah well, the whole story behind all these 'come back thing' is because I have so much work to do such as gym..
(haha " yea right nicholas!!)
 I believe sharing some stories with friends is so much like having fun at the same time when you receive some hilarious feedbacks. Friends don't last forever but some good friends do.

OK, I am not going to bore you with my past or my long-winded stories. First things first, I want to talk about my current situation as a blogger who will commit to this blog at least once a week. The reason behind this is I think committing to something plays a very important factor that reflects on my personality.

Second, whoever read this, please give me some ideas on how i can improve my blog.

last but not least, once in a while, do send me some of the stories you would like to share. I will try to post them and its a good thing that my blog is not just about me but something else as well..

alrite signing off now. I will see you in a week then


  1. hey you cousin! try putting a chatbox and traffic count. that way, it makes your readers easier to comment and you could keep track of the numbers of readers you have. urmm.. try putting more pictures.. ppl love pictures =D have fun blogging. take care =D

  2. haha.. ok thanks for the advice... take care =)

  3. Will you start to write your blog again? =)