Friday, December 10, 2010

Standing Tall

Christmas holiday is always something I looked forward to. Boxing day is my favourite day and I love exchanging gifts. Due to incoming assignments and reports, my dreams of having a wonderful christmas is beyond reach.

I played a lot during my work days and how I wish things were good if only I can manage my time more wisely.
I tensed to be a procrastinator and slacker when I am in bad mood. Indeed, my life is now in shamble and hopefully, I am able to pull through this semester. I sometimes thought that work can be done in minute period but my early approach towards life is little more than just repudiation.

We made mistakes and learnt from them. but how many times do we have to repeat the same mistake? If we try to vindicate our negative approach towards life, I believe it sets us more into abysmal and adverse circumstances.

I have peers who asked me why I walk so fast.
My standard reply will be a smile and I slowed down. Frankly, how a person walks determine how fast his/her life is moving. I cant stand people walking slow while they are working or attending classes. We all know we have to take life one step at a time but where is the sense of urgency? If you dont even care about the time taken for you to be from one place to another, do you even care to finish up your task?

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