Thursday, April 7, 2011

some pictures from the gym

this weeks training involves the upper, bottom torso as well as the mid-section. Yesterday, my friend and I decided to have a chest workout with 4 different exercise for chest and 2 different exercise for the tricep part. 
We start off with the bench press by pressing 10 kilos for the warm up part and decided to move on the next set with an addition of 2.5 kilo. The total number of repetitions for each variation is approximately 10-12 reps depending on the load. Most importantly, we are trying to develop mind-muscle connection which helps to target specific muscle group to train. 

So, I decide to use kelvin ( in the picture below) as my role model .... =)

for those who doesnt know what "RM" means, it is repetition maximum. for example, if 60 kilograms is the heaviest you can do, then 1 RM simply means a person is able to lift 60 kilograms once. 10 RM means that person could do 10 reps maximum for a particular load

bench press
start off with 10kg on both side. then pack in 2.5 kg for each set. there will be total of 5 sets.
(each set has 10-12 reps)
 then take 1 minute rest.

 inclined bench press
start off with 10 kilos and pack in 2.5 kg for each set.

assisted dips

barbell extension

dumbell extension

In total, we had 6 types of workout. The next work out will involve our legs and shoulder. By next week, we will try to pack in more weights to improve strength and good form in exercise does promote muscle growth rather than injury. The next chest workout will have a slight variation, because it is at best to keep the muscle guessing and avoid hitting plateau where most body builders face. 

since this is week 1 of training, we decided to go easy on our sets and reps. by week 4-5, we hope to develop stronger torsos and decided to work more on the strength building as well as the abs.

I am going to finish my workout plan, so if anyone is interested, just give me a shout and I will send you a copy of my plan. It might not be good or suitable for you, but at least its a plan to start with.

signing off now, c ya ! 

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