Thursday, November 25, 2010

There's just too many event going on before I could lay my fingers on the keyboard. Friend's birthday party, assignments, late night university camping etc. From today onwards,I have to declare myself  " Mr. Play- and -hyper-who-thinks-work-can-be-done-last-minute ". When I look at the calender, I am so way behind schedule in terms of work and I just need to step up my games. I have been slacking in gym, not fully committed to the training i used to plus late night sleep.. oh god.... what's wrong with me!!!

Frankly, I knew what I did was a little abnormal but most importantly, I am enjoying myself to the extent where I just totally forgot myself. Did I ever mentioned that time is gold? if I have gold, can I buy time? doesnt make any sense at all.

Right now, what I need to do is concentrate on work 100% and as soon as I am done, I just want to continue playing and playing. After all, who doesn't like playing?

Recently, I have been told by a friend I have an arrogant look. Wait! DO I? Not just this one but a few in the previous years. I honestly think of myself as a person who is friendly and I dont choose friends.

Here are some photos from recent events:

Gun made ferrero rocher cake for Tzyy's 21st birthday.

I just dont understand why my housemate took up engineering when he has the talent to make cakes and he's been complaining the cake isn't good enough. Lawl

From left to right: nicholas( me) , gun, maple lew, tzyy and raymond.

This happens when two guys overdrank their limits and start posing.

Jamie's Italian is awesome. I had to be honest with you, the food was amazing, the atmosphere was warm and  sadly, I though Jamie would be there ... haha
I have to say its not easy to make a simple dish, at the same the food has its soul. Jamie has his way and I like the way of how he utilise every single ingredient to the fullest.

I have a thing for photography. 

Wild Truffle Pasta

lamb chop 

brownie for dessert


From left to right: Maverick Kwong, Eivonne, Tzyy, Zen,Nicholas,Raymond

We spent a whooping amount of 115 pounds. Overall experience... I give it 8.5 / 10.
We will definitely make a visit to Jamie in future

Signing off now.Please let me know how I can add a chat box to my blog because I am such a total newbie. XD

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