Wednesday, March 23, 2011


In another week's time, I will face my biggest fear of my life : the juggernaut of my bench inspection. Stand before me are my two accessors whom will request every detail of my work. Its not something like savouring jam and butter on bread with a cup of tea. As soon as my presentation is about to begin, my feet will numb, my jaws froze and  my mind spins in an endless jigsaw.

This is what i have worked so far. Four years of engineering lectures is enough to put me through next phase of my life......... For now, I am enjoying every moment of my student life. In fact, we are student for our entire life. Learning is a never-ending process, remember that!

I am very much a procrastinator when it comes to task and personal goals. I used to have this " when you fail to plan, you plan to fail " thing-in-my-head all the time, but I do slack most of the time. Oh boy, how I wish I would grow up and be more responsible. Luckily for me, I am doing well in life. Frankly, for me, I believe every cloud has a silver lining no matter how bad I have done. Its not about striving for the best to compete, but to fight and struggle for what you yearn for. Every time I face a predicament, I would stop, get a good grip of myself and think how to get over this boulder ( not a mole hill) "laughs", and I know in the end, despite some scratches and bruises, I know it all ends well.

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